28 Juli 2006

On today's shooting of Jews in Seattle

Today somebody walked into Jewish Federation in downtown Seattle & opened fire, killing one person & wounding five. The shooter, who is originally from Pakistan, then surrendered to police without resistance. Witnesses/victims said the shooter was making statements to the effect that he was angry with Israel's current actions. [Facts are according to mainstream TV news; click here for example.]

Some brief points of common sense for everyone:

1) This was a stupid thing to do. Isolated armed actions (or isolated unarmed actions, for that matter) will always stay isolated. And even if one was to do an armed action, a civilian religious institution is not a proper target for the actions of a government & its military. The JF's politics are on the wrong side of history by supporting the state of Israel (which is not a universal position amongst Jews), but they are definitely not a military enemy.

2) This stupid thing is not representative of Muslims in general, Islam in general, Pakistanis in general, or anything else except frustrated fools with no ability to distinguish who is an enemy & who is not.

3) This stupid thing does not give any legitimacy to Israel's unjust war on Lebanon or its 58-year occupation of Palestine & ongoing genocide & mass imprisonment of an entire people. Nor does it give excuses for any individual or group to be confused on this out of "sympathy".

4) This stupid thing is similar to other stupid attacks on civilians going about their daily business; it is not similar to completely justified attacks on invading soldiers fighting for the existence of an oppressive hell on earth.

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