23 Juni 2005

Revolutionary May 1st in Berlin

This is an excerpt from an Indymedia report, by a non-Maoist, on the International Workers' Day demos in Berlin, Germany. The excerpt is about the Maoist contingent. Overall there seem to have been 5 or 6000 participants, but it's hard to tell with many people going to more than one event of course. Click below for the whole thing, including many pictures.

lest das ganze Original in Deutsch hier]

"Unite Under Maoism! — the 1pm Demo"

At the same time the "Revolutionary May 1st Demonstration" organised by the Maoist and Turkish Communist groups under the usual "There's No Liberation Without Revolution" front banner pulled an estimated 1000 participants (2004 had 300) through Neukölln and then back towards Kottbusser Gate. As they came upon Kotti*, the demo was stopped by a massive Police detachment. At the closing rally the meaning of the right to demonstrate was again emphasised and the banning of the 6pm Demo and partial-banning of the 1pm Demo protested against. Finally a mass of people of various ancestries were dancing a Kurdish folkdance to the Kurdish battle-song "Hello, Guerrillas". After that the banners were rolled up and the Marxist-Leninist & Maoist factions of the Kreuzberg** Left also trickled into the Myfest***.

translator notes:
* nickname for the Kottbusser Gate
** Kreuzberg is a proletarian multinational neighbourhood, where skirmishes with the cops break out every May Day
*** a festival celebrating May Day; "Mai" is German for "May" so it's a wordplay

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