06 Mai 2006

excerpt from Petals of blood by Ngugi wa Thiong'o

[This is actually from the last page, but I don't think it spoils any of the plot.  Source: Petals of blood by Ngugi wa Thiong'o, (c)1977.]

Her voice only agitated further images in motion by her revelations.  Imperialism: capitalism: landlords: earthworms.  A system that bred hordes of round-bellied jiggers and bedbugs with parasitism and cannibalism as the highest goal in society.  This system and its profiteering gods and its ministering angels had hounded his mother to her grave.  These parasites would always demand the sacrifice of blood from the working masses.  These few who had prostituted the whole land turning it over to foreigners for thorough exploitation, would drink people's blood and say hypocritical prayers of devotion to skin oneness and to nationalism even as skeletons of bones walked to lonely graves.  The system and its gods and its angels had to be fought consciously, consistently and resolutely by all the working people!  From Koitalel through Kang'ethe to Kimathi it had been the peasants, aided by the workers, small traders and small landowners, who had mapped out the path.  Tomorrow it would be the workers and the peasants leading the struggle and seizing power to overturn the system and all its prying bloodthirsty gods and gnomic angels, bringing to an end the reign of the few over the many and the era of drinking blood and feasting on human flesh.  Then, only then, would the kingdom of man and woman really begin, they joying and loving in creative labour ... For a minute he was so carried on the waves of this vision and of the possibilities it opened up for all the Kenyan working and peasant masses that he forgot the woman beside him.

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