19 Januar 2006

Random kick-ass lyric of the week #5

Hustlin's in my blood my father's name is Britain
His history consisted of robbery killin' and pimpin'
Filthy rich and the biggest killer that you ever seen
Once I'm older I'm takin' over ima be king
I was locked up in jail when he got the new land
Opened his cells I guess that's how the story began
First mission was to clear it out and claim it as mine
Indigenous people were peaceful it took no time
Great grandmother Africa was blind and disabled
Sons was traitors we played divide and conquer invaded
Sold her children into slavery and profited quick
Started makin' side deals and that's how I got rich
Daddy Britain found out and tried to put me in check
He don't understand I'm a man and I deserve some respect
Tried to bring it to me but I play for keeps and I won
Still my daddy but you ain't the only man with a gun
More money more problems little brother is wild
They call 'im The South he's country with a big ass mouth
Tried to show 'im new business but he don't wanna change
I love 'im but I knew eventually I'd blow out his brains
I'm America!

"U.S. History"


At 20 Januar, 2006 00:00, Blogger ... said...

Kinda long, but it's a story more than a one-liner. The next verse talks about WW2 as an interimperialist conflict (keeping the same theme, using family terms for the various empires). This album was called best hip-hop of the year by Washington Post, guess even the bourgie papers get good taste once in a while...


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